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Welcome to M&L Engineering Your security and telecommunication partner !

When developing our security systems our conceptors and engineers have one main aim in mind : to meet your wishes, your way of life and to create protections solutions for your home which will inspire you to pure delight. The range of our products never limits you to a single system. Wireless or not, you will find lots of products technically reliable. A securised home is undoubtly a value with a positive effect on one’s well-being.

M&L Engineering

Why an alarm system ?
The burglary keeps growing throught the years and at the same time than the experience of the criminals. This is the reason why we feel safer at home with an electronic protection. In this way you leave your home relaxed when you go to work or for vacations. Do you want a free estimate ? Please contact us !

Curiously …
Statistics say that most of the time people wait 2 to 4 years to install a security system after they move in.
Because the burglars know this fact, your chances to face a break-in are higher just after your arrival in your
new home-sweet-home.

The favorite hours of the burglars is not at night ! Most of the time they work like you between 9:30am till 4pm when you work too and when your children are at school. The burglars observe you before to proceed. They never become complicated. If it is possible they pass by the entrance door. After they prefer : the back door, the garage, the windows.

Never forget to protect your garden shed (the lawn-mower , the bikes, ..) !
Take also into consideration some occupations or business. If you manipulate cash or if you have access to confidential informations, value objects... it increases the risks for you and your family.

The security meets design
Security, comfort and attractive design are just a few elements required for high quality life in your home. The multifunctional systems of M&L Engineering combines all of these elements. It is designed to meet all of your requirements and can be customized to suit your individual lifestyle.

M&L EngineeringOur security system serve not only the prevention of intrusion attemps. It can also protect against common threats to your home such as fire, smoke, gas and water. In addition to this, you can use also the panic function of our system. The panic function is integrated in each remote control, to request immediate help in case of emergency.

In order to ensure a professional intervention, you merely need an agreement with a Central Monitoring Station (CMS).

The M&L Engineering systems are suitable for wired or wireless devices.

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